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Upgrade your browser to increase protection


Upgrading your browser is essential for your online security. All web browsers use a security protocol called Transport Layer Security (TLS). It’s what protects the data you share with us when you use Bankline.

The most recent versions of TLS (1.2 and 1.3) provide the highest levels of protection, but they’re not supported on older browsers. Without them, your computer is at higher risk of fraudulent attacks. That’s why we’re asking you to upgrade.


What to do?

Option 1: Upgrade browser

You’ll need to upgrade to one of the following:

  • Internet Explore 11 or later.
  • Chrome 56 or later.
  • Firefox 52 or later.
  • Edge 14 or later.
  • Safari 10 or later.

If you’re not sure how to upgrade, our simple guide is a great place to start.

Before you upgrade, it’s also a good idea to check that JavaScript is enabled for your browser. If it’s not, you might encounter issues logging in to Bankline in the future.


Option 2: Enable TLS 1.2

Alternatively, you can choose to stick with your current browser. But, if you do, you’ll need to check that TLS 1.2 is enabled in your settings.

How to enable TLS 1.2:
These instructions relate to Internet Explorer, so the steps for other browsers may vary. If you need guidance for your browser, please refer to your browser help pages.

  1. Select 'Tools' (this may be shown as a cog icon).
  2. From the menu then select ‘Internet options’.
  3. In the pop up box select the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  4. In the ‘Advanced’ section scroll down towards the bottom to the ‘Security’ section. Under this you'll need to ensure the ‘Use TLS1.2’ box is ticked.
  5. Once you've ticked this, hit ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ to save the changes. If the box is already ticked just hit ‘OK’.

If the tick options have been greyed out this means that you may need administration rights on your PC or network to apply changes to advanced settings. If you can't enable this feature please refer to your IT support team for assistance.

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