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How do I make a transfer between my accounts?


To make an inter account transfer (IAT) follow the steps below:

  1. From the 'Payments' menu, select 'Make payment'.

  2. Select 'Sterling IAT' to move funds between your sterling accounts or 'Currency IAT' to move funds between your currency accounts.

  3. Enter the transfer details and credit account details. To see and choose from a list of your debit and credit accounts click on the magnifying glass. Once you have completed all of the details select 'Make Transfer'.

  4. Check the details on the confirmation page and select 'Confirm'.

  5. If your transfer exceeds your IAT Smartcard trigger value (this has a default value of £100,000) it will need to be authorised using a Smartcard and reader.

  6. If you have dual authorisation enabled and your transfer is below your Smartcard trigger value, the transfer will just need to be confirmed by two authorising users. If your transfer is above your Smartcard trigger value they will need to authorise with a Smartcard and reader.

Sterling IATs must have funds available and be authorised by 23:45 for same-day credit. For currency IATs this is 16:30.

For further guidance on completing an inter account transfer see our Support guides.

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