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How do I recover funds for a payment sent in error?


To attempt to recover funds for a Faster Payment or BACS payment sent in error, you can fill out the form below and email it to

Download payment recovery form.

Please read the form carefully before you complete it. Make sure you leave enough time for your payment to bounce back to your account, before submitting the request (see specific timings at the bottom of the form).

Remember, this process is just for:

  • Faster Payments and BACS payments.
  • Payments sent in error (it can’t be used to reclaim funds for disputed payments). 

We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to recover your funds, but we’ll process your request and try to get back in touch within 20 days.

We recommend you try contacting the payee first to ask about recovering the funds, as this is usually quicker than the formal credit retrieval process.

To try and recover CHAPS or international payments you’ll need to speak to your customer service team.

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