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What account information can I share with an AISP TPP?


You can share the following types of accounts reported on your Bankline profile:

  • Domestic current accounts.
  • Domestic savings payment enabled accounts.
  • Currency payment enabled accounts.

The data that’s shared with an AISP TPP will vary depending on the type of service being provided. You'll only be sharing data with a TPP that's providing AISP services. A PISP will provide payment services.

Some TPPs will be able to provide both payment and account data sharing services.

Here’s all of the information that can be shared:

  • Your account details, including your account name, account number, sort code and balance.
  • Your regular payments, including payee agreements, standing orders and Direct Debits.
  • Your account transactions, including incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • Your account features and benefits, including the type of account you have, the fees, charges and interest you pay and the benefits, services, rewards, and interest your account offers.
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