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How do I authorise a SEPA Direct Debit file?

  1. In the SEPA DD Origination section on the left hand menu, select Authorise file.
    The menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user.
    The Authorise file screen is displayed. Files are listed with most recent first.
  2. Select the file to be authorised.
    The Confirm file authorisation screen is displayed.
  3. Click Confirm authorisation.

The smartcard authorisation screen is displayed. You need to authorise your action using your smartcard and reader.

Smartcard Authorisation

The File authorised screen is displayed. File history will be updated with details of the authoriser and time of authorisation.

If the SEPA Direct Debit Origination dual controlled preference is set to ‘No’ then the file is now fully authorised, otherwise a second authoriser is required to repeat these steps.

The file will now be passed to the Bank for processing. The status of your file can be checked using the File enquiry option. Once your file status has changed to Accepted or Rejected, a Collection Processing Report will be available for download.

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