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What are the different transaction statuses?

Transaction statusBankline iconDescription
Awaiting cut-off  Awaiting Authorisation The transaction is ready for processing and will be released at the displayed cut-off date/time. You can amend or cancel the transaction up to this time.
Funds authorisation  Funds Authorisation Global Liquidity has calculated that there may not be sufficient funds to carry out the transaction, and therefore it requires authorisation.
Cancelled  Cancelled The transaction has been cancelled and will not be released.
Awaiting authorisation  Awaiting Authorisation The transaction requires authorisation as it is over the threshold for Straight-Through-Processing (STP).
Awaiting second authorisation  Awaiting Second Authorisation The transaction requires a second authorisation. This is because dual administration is in place for this account and a second user needs to approve the transaction before it will be performed.
Released  Released The transaction has been processed and released. No further amendments can be made to the transaction.
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