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How do I authorise actions using my Smartcard and card reader?


To authorise actions using your Smartcard and card reader –

  1. Insert your Smartcard into the reader with the chip down (and facing you). Press the 'on/off' button.

  2. Press the 'Sign' button and then enter the challenge code as displayed on the Bankline Smartcard security screen, into the card reader. Press 'OK'.

  3. Enter your PIN into the card reader. Press 'OK'. (The 'OK' key is inactive until you've entered four or more PIN characters).

  4. If your PIN has been entered correctly, the reader will display ‘PIN Correct' followed by a 10-digit response code.

  5. Enter the response code (without spaces) into the ‘Once validated, please enter your signature response code here before pressing Go' box on your Bankline Smartcard security screen.

  6. Hit 'Go.'

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