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How do I create a new user and apply roles to them?


You'll need the appropriate administrative privileges to create new users and assign them roles.

You can watch this video to see how it's done or follow the steps below:

  1. From 'Administration' section, select 'Manage Users'.

  2. Select 'Create User'.

  3. Enter the details for your user: title (up to 5 characters), name, email address, contact numbers, postal address, create a User ID, set a payment authorisation limit if required then hit 'Continue'.

  4. You can assign roles by checking the box next to the relevant role. When you've finished, hit 'Continue'.

  5. If a role requires the user to be issued with a Smartcard, select the relevant delivery address and check the box to issue the user with a card reader. Now select 'Continue'.

  6. Depending on the role(s) you assign, you may need to authorise the changes using your Smartcard and card reader.
  7. Finally, hit  'Confirm new User' and tell the new user to expect an email containing their activation code. For security reasons, we send Smartcards and card readers to the administrator who created the new user. They should arrive within five business days of the email.

  8. Once the user receives their activation code, they'll need to use this to login along with their 'Customer ID' and 'User ID'. The customer ID is the same one used by every user on your Bankline profile and the user ID will be the one you've created for them (as per the steps above). You'll need to share both these IDs with them. 

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