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Can I customise Bankline to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions?


Bankline has numerous security and control features designed to keep your business secure.

For example, Bankline supports Dual Authorisation, meaning that 2 separate Bankline users have to authorise payments with their Smartcards before those payments are processed.

Controls can also be applied to the profiles of individual Bankline users who have authority to create and/or authorise payments, for example, which accounts they can use or the maximum amount they can authorise.

If you'd like further information on how to configure Bankline to best suit your company’s risk management requirements, take a look at our Support guides.

For further information on the latest fraud threats and how to protect yourself and your business see the Bankline security centre.

If you need any assistance configuring Bankline to suit your risk management requirements, then please contact the Bankline helpdesk. See How can I contact the Bankline helpdesk?

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