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What does the Bulk list/Template update status refer to?


This is to make it easy for you to understand whether an update is required and, if it has been updated, whether it has been fully completed.

 These are the 6 statuses that can appear together with a brief description of each one:

 Update Required

The bulk list or template requires updating as the beneficiary account details still contain the old sort code and account number.

Update Required - Other Change Unchecked

A different change to the same bulk list or template is outstanding and requires checking. Once that has been checked you can return to this page to see the revised status.

Update Complete

The bulk list or template has been updated with the new account details.

Update Unchecked

The bulk list or template has been updated with the new sort code and account number, but the change requires checking by another user.

Update No Longer Required

The bulk list or template beneficiary either:

1) no longer matches the old or new account details.


2) has been deleted.

Not Applicable

The redirected payment is not from a bulk list or template, or was from an IAT bulk list/template where ongoing payment redirection is not supported.

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