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What happens when bulk lists and templates are automatically updated on Tuesday 22nd March as a result of Current Account Switch payment redirection?


If one of your payees moves their account to a new bank using the Current Account Switch Service, payments sent to their old account will automatically be redirected to their new one.

For payments that have been redirected, we periodically update the bulk lists & templates to ensure they include the payee’s new bank account details.

If you've made a payment from a bulk list or template that was redirected between 08/11/2021 and 06/03/2022, on Tuesday 22nd March we'll update the payee on that bulk list or template to show the correct account details.

You can check whether this message applies to you by selecting  ‘Payments’ then ‘Redirected Payments’. If you’ve made any redirected payments in the period specified above, and the 'Bulk list/Template update status' column shows 'Update required', then these payees will be updated on Tuesday 22nd March.

Remember to update your own accounting software and other records too.

Please note, we won't amend a bulk list payee if you've imported a payment against it recently, as the next payment you import would fail if the details don’t match what you have in your own accounting system.

Security reminder – we’ll never provide you with new account details to update your Bankline bulk lists or templates by letter, over the telephone or by email.

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