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How do I create a standard domestic bulk list?

  1. Select Payments from the left-hand menu. This opens the Make payments screen.

  2. Select Manage bulk lists. This opens the Bulk lists screen, where you can see details of any existing bulk lists.

  3. Click on Create a bulk list. This opens a new screen. From the two options, Standard or Sterling IAT, select ‘Standard'. This opens the Create a standard domestic bulk list screen.

  4. Enter a reference for your bulk list and select or enter the debit account. (You can also add a beneficiary reference, but if you leave this blank it will default to the debit account short name). If you have the relevant privileges you can make the list confidential by ticking the ‘Confidential' box.

  5. Click on Create bulk list. This opens the Add beneficiary to bulk list screen. Enter the beneficiary's name, a unique identifier and the beneficiary's account details. You can also edit the beneficiary reference. To add another beneficiary, click on Add beneficiary. When you have added all the beneficiaries you want to include, click on Save bulk list. (Or, to complete your list later, click on Save bulk list as incomplete.)

  6. The Confirmation screen opens to show the bulk list details. Select Save.

  7. If dual control is off, you can click on Make transfer from this bulk list. If dual control is on, a second user will need to check the list before you can use it.
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