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How do I create a standard domestic bulk list?

  1. From the payments menu, select 'Manage bulk lists'
  2. Click 'Create a bulk list' and then select ‘Standard'
  3. Give the bulk list you're creating a name in the bulk list reference section. It shouldn't contain any special characters, just letters and numbers
  4. Select a debit account by clicking the magnifying glass next to the debit account number box
  5. Add a default beneficiary reference if you'd like the beneficiaries in the list to receive the same reference and choose whether you'd like the bulk list to be confidential (if you have the appropriate privileges). Then click 'Create bulk list'
  6. You can now enter the first beneficiary for the bulk list. Enter the beneficiary's name, a unique identifier and the beneficiary's account details. You can also edit the beneficiary reference. Click 'Add beneficiary'
  7.  You can then add any additional beneficiaries by clicking 'Add additional beneficiary' 
  8. When you've added all the beneficiaries you need, click 'Save bulk list'. (Or, to complete this later, click 'Save bulk list as incomplete')

The bulk list will now appear for you under 'Manage bulk lists'. If it's active, you'll be able to make a payment from it by clicking into it, followed by 'Make payment'. If it's incomplete, you'll need to save it first. If it's unchecked, it'll need to be approved by another user first.

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