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What are the different bulk list statuses and what do they mean?


From the Bulk list screen, or when viewing the details of a bulk list, you'll see one of the following statuses for each list:

Active - you can use this bulk list to make payments.
Unchecked - you can't use this bulk list until it has been checked. You'll only see this status if your administrator has activated the Bulk lists dual controlled feature, which requires that any new or revised bulk list is checked by a different user from the one who created or edited it.
Incomplete - you can't use this bulk list because the user who created or amended it hasn't finished making changes.
Suspended - you can't use this bulk list unless you have the relevant privilege to reinstate it. Only users with the ‘Suspend and reinstate bulk lists' privilege can suspend (or reinstate) a bulk list.
- You can't use this bulk list because it has been deleted.


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