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Can I run a payee name check when I'm adding a payee to a bulk list or editing an existing payee?


Although you can't yet run a beneficiary name check while adding a new payee to a bulk list or editing an existing payee, you can still do this by running the name check on the entry screen for a single domestic payment.

We recommend doing this each time you add a new beneficiary to a bulk list or edit a payee. Remember to cancel the single domestic payment, once the name check has been run.

To run the beneficiary name check:

  1. From the payments menu, click 'Make a payment' followed by 'Standard'
  2. Enter the full beneficiary name, sort code, account number and business type (personal or business)
  3. Click 'Check beneficiary details' to run the name check
  4. You'll then receive a name check result. If the beneficiary name didn't match we'd recommend double checking the information with the beneficiary before you update the bulk list

After you've completed the name check make sure you cancel the standard payment you'd started to create. When you're comfortable with the name check result you can update the bulk list as normal.

If you'd like to know more about how the beneficiary name check works, check out this page:

How does confirmation of payee work in Bankline?

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