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What are the different payment statuses?


The status shows the stage the payment has reached in processing. This can be:

  • Incomplete - the payment has been saved but is incomplete and awaiting further or correct information before it can be processed
  • Awaiting authorisation - the payment needs authorisation
  • Awaiting second authorisation - the transaction needs a second authorisation because the amount has exceeded the dual authorisation threshold
  • Awaiting release - the payment has been fully authorised and it is held for release. This is because the payment meets the criteria set up by your administrator under Hold and release payment preferences
  • Processing - the payment has been authorised and is being processed
  • Accepted - the payment has passed all authorisation and validation checks and has been carried out by the bank
  • Rejected - the payment has been rejected (by the bank) and will not be processed
  • Future dated - the payment has been stored in the diary for execution at a later date
  • Held awaiting funds - there are insufficient funds to process the payment.
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