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How do I authorise or approve a payment or transfer in Bankline?


To authorise or approve a payment or transfer in Bankline:

  1. Select 'Authorise payments' from the left hand 'Payments' menu. This will list all payments/transfers you are eligible to authorise.
  2. Put a tick in the box next to each payment/transfer you want to approve. 
  3. At the bottom of the page, select 'Authorise', then click 'Confirm'.
  4. If required, you'll need to authorise this with your smartcard. ('How do I use my smartcard and card reader to approve a payment?').

If you can't see the specific payment/transfer to authorise, you may not have the relevant privileges, or it may be above your payment limit. If you want to enquire further about this, you can speak to your Bankline administrator.

Once the payment's ready for approval, you can click into it to view the cut off date and time.


If you're not a Bankline customer and you need to approve a debit card payment through the Royal Bank app, you can find more information below:

How do I approve a transaction in the Royal Bank app? 


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