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Migration from RBS Bankline to NatWest


We're moving Bankline profiles that have NatWest accounts and use RBS Bankline to NatWest Bankline. This is so accounts in Bankline are aligned to the right brand. If you have RBS accounts you won't be affected.

You may have seen a pop up message in Bankline or received an email from to advise you of this change. The email will look like this:

Migration from RBS to NatWest email

This change will make more services available to you, including open banking and Bankline Mobile.

After you've migrated, all you'll need to do is log into Bankline via from the date in the email and pop up message.

None of your log in details will change and you'll continue to use the same Smartcards and PINs you currently use. 

Remember we'll never ask you for details of your PIN, passwords or Smartcard security codes, in an email or over the telephone.

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