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What can I do to avoid problems logging in and using Bankline?


These steps can help with common access problems. They can also help protect your business online:

  1. Always start from and click the log in button there. Don’t save or start from any other URL, including the log in page itself.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache and temporary internet files. (How to do this varies for each browser, but you can usually delete browsing history from the settings menu.)
  3. Use an up-to-date version of your chosen web browser. (For info on how to update your browser read our FAQ).
  4. Make sure you have the correct log in credentials (Customer ID, User ID and password) and you have your smartcard and card reader ready.
  5. Use reputable anti-virus software to protect your devices. We offer Bankline customers one free license of the security software, Thor Foresight Enterprise. Thor provides additional protection from malware, ransomware and other cyberattacks. Find out more about Thor. One license covers installation on up to 10 devices; fees apply if you choose to install it on more than 10 devices.

If you encounter problems logging in or using Bankline, the quickest way to get help is to click the ‘Message us' button that appears on your log in screen and

Cora will answer your query, and if it’s something she can’t solve, she’ll connect you to our specialist team.

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