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How do I reset my PIN/Password?


To reset your PIN or password you will need to request a new activation code for Bankline, once you have this you will be able to reset your details.

The quickest and easiest way to reset your PIN/Password is to ask your Bankline administrator to request an activation code for you; they can do this under 'Administration' and then 'Manage Users'. If dual administration is enabled another user may also need to authorise this request.

The activation code will then be delivered to your user profile email address that is registered in Bankline, normally within just a few minutes. As it is sent via email, it is also helpful to get your administrator to check you have the correct email address registered in Bankline to save further delays. You may need to check your junk or spam for the email.

If you are unsure who your Bankline administrator is, see How do I identify my Bankline administrator? for guidance.

If your administrator is not available please see; How do I reset my PIN/Password if my administrator is not available to order an activation code for me?. 

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