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When will my replacement smartcard arrive and what are the important things to consider before ordering?

Things to consider before ordering a replacement smartcard for a user
If you're replacing a smartcard that's still working, ordering a replacement will cancel the existing card. Without an active smartcard a user won't be able to log in to Bankline, until the new card has arrived (up to seven working days) so make sure they've done everything they need to in Bankline, before placing the order.
We'll send the PIN for the new card directly to the user, so you should check their address is correct in Bankline before placing the order. How do I change a user address?

For help ordering smartcards and if you need to order to a home address, follow these links:

How do I order a replacement smartcard?

How do I order a replacement smartcard to a home address?

How long do replacement cards take to arrive?

The replacement smartcards and PINs take up to seven working days to arrive. You'll usually receive the smartcard first and the PIN a day or two later. The smartcard will be sent to you, as the administrator, and the PIN for the card will be sent directly to the user.
If it's been over seven working days and you've not received the smartcard and PIN, you can reach out to us by clicking the 'Message us' button in Bankline or on our Bankline webpages.


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