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How do I update my contact details in Bankline?


It's important to keep your user details up to date. They're used to contact you, send important correspondence and for security.

If you have the 'Manage users' privilege enabled, (this can be found under 'Administration' in the left-hand menu) you'll be able to check and amend your details.

If you can't access 'Manage users' you'll need to contact your Bankline administrator who'll be able to check and update these for you. If you're not sure who your Bankline administrator(s) are, see How can I idenitfy my Bankline Administrator? 

To check and amend your details:

  1. Select 'Administration' from the left-hand menu and then 'Manage users'.

  2. Then select the User ID of the user you want to check and update. You'll then see all of their current details and can update where necessary.

  3. Once updated select 'Continue', check the updates are correct and then hit 'Confirm'.  

  4. You'll need to authorise this change using your Smartcard and card reader.

If you have 'Dual administration' enabled, another user will also need to authorise the change.

For help managing roles and users, take a look at this short video:


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