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What is the button 'Export account information for set' used for?


This is available to users with the 'Download own export files' privilege and provides the option to download balance and transaction data to an export file for multiple accounts within a selected account set and date range.

File formats available are: Bankline (CSV), BAIv2, Swift MT940 and MT942. To use this facility:

  1. Go to 'Account Information' and select 'View Account Set balances'.

  2. Select the Account Set you want to export information for.

  3. Click on 'Export account information for set'.

  4. Select the date range for which the export is required and hit continue, then select the format you require from the drop down list and confirm. If you've included today's date in the request you'll be offered options on whether to include all of today's entries or just those that made up the 'Start of Day' balance.

  5. You'll receive a confirmation message advising you of the file ID number. You can then go to 'Export files and Manage files' on the left-hand menu to monitor the progress of your request and to download the file.

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