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What support is there for new users and administrators?


Learn with Cora and messaging

Cora, our digital assistant, can introduce you to Bankline and help you get set up. You can start a chat with Cora, by clicking the 'Message us' button that appears within Bankline and on our webpages. If you type 'Set me up' in a chat, Cora will guide you through the basics, and help you build your Bankline profile.

If you have a question that can't be answered, Cora will transfer you to a human adviser who'll be able to help.

Sign up for a webinar

We run free interactive webinars which you can sign up to anytime. Some of these are for administrators only, but we also run a ‘Making payments’ webinar which is open to all Bankline users. 

For new administrators, we strongly recommend our 'Getting started and managing users' webinar (30-45mins). We also recommed our 'Bankline Security' webinar (30-45mins) which will help you set up controls on your profile, making it safe and secure.

You can find a full list of webinars on our support page.

Download our support guides

Our 'Getting Started: Administrator's guide' and 'Getting Started: additional user's guide', will help you get started, and are really good reference points for all the Bankline essentials.

You can find both of these, along with other downloadable support guides on our Bankline support page.

Lastly, you can always search here, in our FAQ hub, for an answer to your questions. We regularly update our FAQs and other help resources on the back of the feedback you give us.

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