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How do I make changes to customer details?


In 'Administration' select 'Customer details'. On the next screen, you'll see three boxes.

The top box is marked 'Customer details'. you'll need to select the title of this box.

Once you've done that, you can edit the following information:

  • Postal address – your Bankline profile address.

  • Password expiry – set how frequently your users need to change their passwords. We recommend users change their passwords and PINs at least every 28 days.

    To set the expiry period, select ‘In' and choose the number of days to expiry from the ‘Days' drop-down box. You have the option to select ‘Never' but we don't recommend this.

  • Account identifier – this is the unique account name or number that users see when using Bankline. It can be the account's sort code and account number or the account name or an account alias. You can set up an account alias from 'Manage accounts' by clicking on the Account ID you want to edit.

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