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What is the button Export account information for set used for?


Users with the 'Download own export files' privilege can export balance and transaction data for multiple accounts, for a selected account set and date range. File formats available are:

  • Bankline.
  • BAIv2.
  • Swift MT940 and MT942 – only for use by existing users who haven't yet upgraded to our 2012 version.
  • Swift MT940-2012 and MT942-2012 – recommended for all customers looking to adopt our swift formats – contains enhanced content and increased narrative information.

To export:

1) Go to 'Account Information' and select 'View Account Set' balances.

2) Select the 'Account Set' you want to export information for.

3) Click on 'Export account information' for set.

4) Select the date range you want and hit 'Continue'. Choose a format from the drop down list and then hit 'Confirm'. If you've included today's you can choose from all entries or just the 'Start of Day' balance.

5) You'll receive a confirmation message with the file ID number. You can then go to 'Export files' and 'Manage files' on the left hand menu to monitor the progress of your request and download the file.

To view more information about export formats, see the Bankline export file layout guides

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