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How far back do my statements go and how can I view them?


You can view the last 15 months of statements on Bankline.

To view these select 'Account Information' from the left-hand menu, select 'View Account Statements' and then the 'Account ID' for the appropriate account.

At the top of this page there's a date search, which allows you to retrieve the last 15 months of statement data. Simply enter your required dates and select 'Go'.

If you require statements older than 15 months and you haven't saved this information for your own records then please contact the customer service team.

How can I contact the customer service team?

To make it easier to access this information in the future you can print or export account information from Bankline and store this locally, creating your own account information archive. 

If you need help with how to print or export from Bankline please see the articles below. 

How do I print a statement?

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