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What information will I be able to see on incoming faster payments from mid August 2020?


From mid August in Bankline, you’ll see the full narrative of most faster payments on the day they’re received, as opposed to having to wait until the following day. 

Currently, faster payments on the day they're received have a narrative that looks like this:

 RBS classic day one now

After the update, when you receive a faster payment that’s in scope, the narrative on the day you receive it will also contain the information you previously got the following day. It will look like this:

 RBS classic day one aug

The information on a payment the day after it's received won't change and will still look like this:

 RBS classic day two now

You'll see this change across a number of screens in Bankline, as well as your PDF prints and exports. When these faster payment transactions are exported on the same day you receive them, they will now have more narrative information (matching what’s already provided if you exported them the next day). This will make it far easier for you to reconcile incoming payments on the day they arrive.  

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